Entering the World of Concepts 12-13/1 2013

This two day work shop will look into the amazing world of concept training with dogs and discover just how much they have to offer us. Create an understanding of concepts and how powerful they are. Look at the different types of concepts and how the dogs apply them to different things. How to puzzle solve and become confident in making choices during learning.

Take a peak at modifiers, comparative concepts and adduction. the workshop will be a mixture of theory, discussion and practical training with your dog.

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Helen Phillips is a professional gundog trainer with a successful team of home bred Viszlas working through the Winter in the field. Helen taught on the Warwickshire College course in Canine Behaviour Education and Training, has achieved the award with Distinction and is a qualified Teacher in Adult Education.

Helen teaches on the Clicker Trainers courses, the Teaching People Teaching Dogs courses and the specialised Gundog Training course. She also organises the K9 Multi Sports events and is author of the Learning About Dogs book: Clicker Gundog.

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